Welcome to Keep It Dry AB


Our products are italian design and patented by ELMA KEEP DRY S.rl


We have worked with the founder since 2010  

We have noticed that this service is getting more and more attractive to have at companies with not only a larege stream of visistors passing through, but also for smaller offices where the problem with wet umbrellas in the cloakrooms are as big as in a bigger offices.

You are very welcome to contact us for a quotation for your specific bag and to find out which display would be suitabel for your entrence.

To make a fare quotation please enclose your Logotype in PDF-format and the amount of bags if you already know. 

We also have a starterkit of one walldispenser and 500 neutral biobags with an expressdelivery.



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Orgno: 556824-0583